Magical Sunset • Equine Photography Workshop

March 16th 2020 • Pearblossom (Los Angeles) CA, US Join now!

Is it your dream to take amazing photographs of horses?
You get the opportunity to learn more about equine photography and take photos of wonderful horses at an incredible location during this one-time exclusive photography workshop!

Throughout this workshop you will photograph during the best moment of the day; the golden hour at sunset. The sun lowers, creating a gorgeous golden light casting over the land. The shadows soften and you can photograph against the light, creating a magical atmosphere in your photographs.

In addition to the great photo opportunities, we will show you how to capture the best moments, how to determine the correct camera settings and we’ll show you what to look for in a great equine photo and how to make stunning photographs of a horse in freedom.

We will offer you a one-time and exclusive equine photography workshop by Lisa Dijk and Merel Bormans, don’t miss out!

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About the workshop

This workshop can be followed by both beginning and advanced photographers. As we are both professional equine photographers we can give you all attention you’ll need and help you with the points you are struggling with, Whether it is how to set your camera or to which details you should focus on to make the perfect photo we make sure you will get the most out of this wonderful afternoon.

The workshop starts at 4pm in the afternoon. We’ll start the workshop with theory, this to prepare you for the photo session that is to come. To start off nice and easy we’ll first take some portrait photos so you can get used to the horse models and adjusting the settings in your camera. Before we’ll ask the horses to show off some great action, we’ll go over the theory briefly again so we can make sure you get the most out of the session. Of course, both Lisa and Merel are available during the whole workshop for questions.

Once the sun is down we’ll gather to go through the photographs you made and provide you with feedback. We end the day with a nice dinner.

What you’ll need

  • A passion for horses and photography
  • Mirrorless or DSLR camera
  • Lens (200mm in lenght, for example a 70-200mm)

About the location

The Ranch believes in forming deep connections and partnerships with horses. They rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and re-home horses.

The Ranch is located in a stunning environment called the High Desert, known for its unforgettable sunsets and unique Joshua Trees. The sun is almost ever-present over this land. Making it a perfect location for this Magical Sunset photo workshop.

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The photographs shown on this page are example photos of what kind of photos you will be able to take during the workshop and to give you an idea of the location. The horse models and the location may differ slightly. Photo by: Christopher Michel.


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Magical Sunset • Equine Photography Workshop

Price $390 per person

Date: March 16th 2020
Starting at: 04:00 pm
Ending at: 9:30 pm

Pearblossom (Los Angeles) CA, US.

Minimum participants: 3
Maximum participants: 10

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Magical Sunset • Equine Photography Workshop

Merel Bormans (Focus on your photography) and Lisa Dijk (Horse Photo Experience) are both international and award-winning professional equine photographers and we will come all the way from the Netherlands to Los Angeles to teach you how to best capture horses.

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Testimonials from participants:


 The workshop was a very nice experience and very educational! I learned how I can best photograph horses with my camera. The best part was of course the practical part; Photographing the beautiful Friesian horses! " - Workshop Black Pearls 2019

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