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Here you can read the experiences of our students, they share with you their most valuable learning points, best moments and most beautiful photos they took during our workshops!

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I would definitely recommend a workshop of Horse Photo Experience! I learned new things about my camera settings and it was also a lot of fun with the others who attended the workshop as well. " - Workshop Rocky Mountain Horses 2019


The workshop was well organized! There was enough time to focus on the theory, which was also well illustrated by using different examples. I will definitely come again, it has been very nice! " - Workshop Rocky Mountain Horses 2019


Good workshop with a logical structure, enough time to take photos and discuss them. We also received good feedback and tips and tricks! " - Workshop Rocky Mountain Horses 2019


The workshop was a very nice experience and very educational! I learned how I can best photograph horses with my camera. The best part was of course the practical part; Photographing the beautiful Friesian horses! " - Workshop Black Pearls 2019


It is certainly nice to follow a workshop! I learned more about how the camera works and which settings you can use best. I enjoyed the whole day especially the riding photos we took. Lisa has supervised it well! " - Workshop Black Pearls 2019


The chance to go back to basics again, which settings you can use best was very nice! Although I have been taking pictures for some time, I have learned some new things!

The tip about timing your photos by paying attention to the horses legs was a very good tip that works! " - Workshop Black Pearls 2019


During the workshop I received many useful tips and a clear explanation about the technical aspects. The models were great too! " - Workshop Black Pearls 2019


Nice workshop layout with a lot of variation in theory, taking photos, viewing the results and taking photos again. Very educative! " - Workshop Black Background Photography 2018


When following a workshop at Horse Photo Experience you will receive many learning points, tips and new insights. This way you learn to look better at your photos! " - Workshop Spanish Horses 2018


I really like that I can get more out of photos by setting my camera manually (normally I had it on half automatic mode). The free motion photos in particular were a real gift! " - Workshop Spanish Horses 2018


I wanted to learn more about photographing horses and in particular taking action photos. I thought that was the best part of the workshop and I was able to take beautiful pictures. I certainly found it educational! " - Workshop Spanish Horses 2018


The Black Background Photography workshop was very fun and educational! Sometimes it is the small things to make your photo even better. " - Workshop Black Background Photography 2017


I would definitely recommend this Horse Photo Experience workshop. Great models before your lens! All questions are answered and we received a lot of information. " - Workshop Arabische Schoonheden 2017