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Here you can read the experiences of our participants, they share with you their most valuable learning points, best moments and most beautiful photos they took during our Equine Photo Tours!

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The photo tour in Djerba was an unforgettable experience. Wonderful photo opportunities in beautiful sceneries and sharing the same passion with other people and having the chance to ride loverly horses will surely be something to look back at. I hope to be able to join another photo tour with Lisa & Marlinda again soon! " - Equine photo tour, Magical Djerba 2019


The combination of horses, photography and vacation in a sunny country seemed very attractive to me! I learned what the camera settings are for each specific situation and also how you can remove annoying objects in photoshop. The nicest photo session during this photo trip was the photo session in the dunes and in the sea! " - Equine photo tour, Magical Djerba 2019


Lisa and Marlinda were very helpful to make the most out of the tour. I'd wanted to shoot Friesians in the snow, which this equine photo tour offered. But I was pleasantly surprised by the huge number of different types of horses we had the opportunity to shoot, including my favourites the Icelandic horses!

Thank you for the amazing days of photography in Austria. I thoroughly enjoyed my days with you and I am so pleased with the shots I captured. " - Equine photo tour, Winter wonderland Austria 2019

Bruno & Els

Lisa and Marlinda have a gift to train people, support them and to bring out the best in their student photographers. Because of the thorough knowledge of their camera, the admiration they have for animals, they teach you to make inspiring horse photos yourself.

During the photo trip to Austria we were surprised every day with incredible photo shootings and unique opportunities that HPE had planned for us. After the tour 'Magical Djerba' this again was an instant success and one of the best and most educational holidays we've made so far. " - Equine photo tour, Winter wonderland Austria 2019


I signed up for a photo tour of HPE because the combination of the prize, location and photographing horses is very nice.

The organization was transparent, Lisa and Marlinda explained everything clearly and if you still had some questions you could always ask them. As participants we were really the point of attention, I learned a lot about applying the right settings and choosing the best photo spots through all the tips and evaluations that we got during the trip.

In short a very successful and educational journey, nicely put together and fun to participate to! " - Equine photo tour, Magical Djerba 2018


It was a super cool opportunity to shoot special photos for my portfolio, in a reliable way; you do not have to organise everything yourself!

I really had the feeling that I could ask Lisa and Marlinda everything and that they always gave a comprehensive response, Very nice! You also learn a lot by evaluating everything extensively with the group and you gain new insights this way.

During the trip I learned all sorts of details that I can take with me to my photography jobs in the Netherlands, like shooting at 200mm and some handy photo editing tips " - Equine photo tour, Magical Djerba 2018


I'm now more than a month back from the beautiful trip to India for the beautiful Marwari horses. Thanks to Lisa and Marlinda I have been able to make beautiful pictures, thanks again ladies. It is recommendation to make this trip! The trail ride on these fantastic horses was enjoyable as well. All days of this tour were special! " - Equine photo tour, Mandawa India 2018


It was a super fun and educational photo tour! A beautiful addition to your portfolio, you will learn to apply the different settings during the photo shootings. Highly recommended on your bucket list! Lisa & Marlinda, thank you very much for this great trip and all the best tips and tricks! " - Equine photo tour, Germany 2017


Just came back last night from the photo tour to Germany. It was a beautiful place, great food, stunning horses and surroundings, well organised and it was really fun with the group. Learned a lot and can now relive all the great moments through the photos I made! Yes, really enjoyed it!!!! Thanks a lot Lisa and Marlinda! " - Equine photo tour, Germany 2017


It was a very nice trip, where we could photograph many different horse breeds. In addition, we were accompanied by two nice photographers, Lisa & Marlinda, who gave us good tips and tricks to get a lot more out of a picture. Highly recommended! " - Equine photo tour, Germany 2017


The horse photography trip to Portugal was organised by Lisa and Marlinda from Horse Photo Experience. It was a great experience to do such a trip, learned a lot. The ladies had beautiful locations and horses arranged for various photo sessions! " - Equine photo tour, Portugal 2016


I would recommend anyone who wants to learn more about horse photography or just wants to take beautiful photos on a different location a photo trip with Horse Photo Experience. Lisa & Marlinda are very nice ladies who advise you with tips and tricks to solve problems that you're stumbling upon. Overall, worth the effort! " - Equine photo tour, Germany 2016


I would definitely recommend a photo tour of HPE! You come home with a lot of pictures and information that you can really use in practice. In addition, it is a lot of fun. You will learn to know other people who also have a passion for photography! " - Equine photo tour, Germany 2015


The combination of beautiful nature and beautiful horses was amazing. I learned a lot during the fun and various photo shoots, resulting in beautiful pictures! " - Equine photo tour, Magical Djerba 2014