Start of Horse Photo Experience

5 February 2014

Horse Photo Experience originated from Horse Photo Events, an initiative started in 2011 where Lisa Dijk and Marlinda van der Spek organized photo days for lovers of equine photography.

Horse Photo Events was a great success. We received many positive reactions and the enthusiasm was always enormous. So much that we had to plan a time of day when the registration of a photo day opened. Everyone who was interested sat at their computer at that time and within 5 minutes a photo day was already full! Because it was such a huge success, we started brainstorming in 2013 about how we could make HPE even more fun.

Because we think it is fantastic to be able to share our knowledge and experiences with others. We decided to start teaching others about equine photography and organise Equine Photo Tours. So from now on you can learn everything about equine photography and join us on one of our fantastic Equine photography trips!

Would you like to know more about Lisa and Marlinda and our vision behind Horse Photo Experience? Look at our About us page.

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