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Can’t you wait to learn more about equine photography? Start with an online course now and learn at your own pace at any time. Take the online basic photography course and never photograph on automatic mode again!

Online basic photography course

Online basic photography course

Are you unable to take beautiful horse photos? Are your photos out of focus, moved or not properly exposed? By taking this online basic photography course that is a thing of the past. In the course we take you step by step through how you can set up your camera yourself, so you too will soon make the most beautiful horse photos!

Order a Gift voucher

Order a Gift voucher

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Are you looking for a present for someone who loves horses and photography? Then the voucher from Horse Photo Experience is the perfect gift! 

Testimonials from participants:


 I signed up for a photo tour of HPE because the combination of the prize, location and photographing horses is very nice.

The organization was transparent, Lisa and Marlinda explained everything clearly and if you still had some questions you could always ask them. As participants we were really the point of attention, I learned a lot about applying the right settings and choosing the best photo spots through all the tips and evaluations that we got during the trip.

In short a very successful and educational journey, nicely put together and fun to participate to! " - Equine photo tour, Magical Djerba 2018

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