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Join us on a fantastic equine photography holiday! An unforgettable experience combining photography, learning, vacation and other activities in one trip. In addition to the unique photo opportunities and learning more about horse photography, there is also time to relax, explore the country from the back of a horse and more fun activities!

The group consists of people sharing the same passions and interests, so this is a recipe for an enjoyable vacation! When you return home, you will have some wonderful memories and gorgeous photographs to share. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn more about photographing horses or are an advanced photographer and would like to enjoy the amazing photo opportunities, joining one of our tours is an experience to never forget! 

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Lisa Dijk

Lisa Dijk

Horse Photo Experience gives me the opportunity to learn others about equine photography. I absolutely love it to provide and organise online courses, workshops and photo tours. It’s great to be able to share my passion and knowledge with you!

A herd of horses communicating with each other. A foal that discovers all new things. To capture horses in freedom and capture their behaviour, I find one of the most beautiful things in my profession. It’s so nice to see how each horse has its own character, it inspires me in the photos I take.

My style is knowable by colorful, fresh and natural photos. The post processing I apply is minimal, because a good picture does not necessarily require much editing.

In 2013 I graduated at the Fotovakschool (School of Photography) in Amsterdam. During my years at school I was already fully concentrating on photographing horses. Since that time I have taken photos of many horses for horse owners, magazines and equine related businesses.

My work is regularly published in horse magazines such as Hoefslag, Bit, Horse & Sport, Penny, Reiter Revue, Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, Equus and more.

It would be my pleasure to accompany you on one of our photo trips, to give you amazing photo opportunities and teach you more about photographing horses!

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Marlinda van der Spek

Marlinda van der Spek

With Horse Photo Experience, I get the chance to meet new people with the same passions. I love to help others to achieve better results by teaching how to see and capture the most wonderful moments. It’s great to see people grow as a photographer during our photo tours and workshops!

From an early age I already was very interested in horses and photography. From a compact camera I quickly grew to the DSLR. I’m not only into photographing horses though, as I love to photograph all other animals as well! When taking my pictures, I think it’s important that the animal’s character is shown. The biggest compliment that you can get as an animal photographer is when you hear that someone completely recognises his or her animal’s character in your photo.

I love to work with warm colours in my imagery and when applicable, I like to give my pictures a fantasy-like finishing touch. For each picture, one of the main challenges is to accomplish an optimal result with the least possible after-editing necessary.

I hope to meet you soon during one of our trips or classes!

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