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6 essential tips about memory cards

15 August 2015

Memory cards are often underestimated, but it is very important to take good care of them. They are responsible for (good) saving your photos. No memory card means of course no photos!

We give you 6 essential tips on how to keep your memory card happy.

Tip 1: Format the card before you use it.
Memory cards are often advertised with the texts “formatted” and “ready for use” but despite this advertising it is advisable to always format your card in the camera. Formatting your card in your camera ensures that the card is formatted in the correct format and the photos are stored correctly.

Tip 2: Never completely fill your card with photos.
Most cameras have an indication on the LCD screen from which you can read how many photos you can take before your memory card is full. Make sure that this number is never set to “0” because it may occur, that if you take another picture while the card is actually full, your camera still will try to write this picture on your card, possibly causing a writing error.

Tip 3: Don’t let your battery drain completely.
If the battery of your camera runs out just when a photo is saved on your memory card, it is possible that only a part of the photo will end up on your card. This can cause the rest of the photos on your card to be damaged.

Tip 4: Format your card instead of throwing away the photos on your computer.
The moment you format a memory card in your camera, you make sure that the card is formatted in the correct format for your camera. Don’t just throw away the photos on your computer, because often there will still be information left on the memory card and it won’t be completely empty.

Tip 5: Buy a good quality memory card.
With all those expensive camera bodies, it is very tempting to save a bit of money on cheap memory cards. But remember, this is about the safety of storing your photos! It is worth spending a few more on a better and especially faster card.

Tip 6: Keep your memory card clean.
In all dusty and sandy conditions where you often photograph as a horse photographer, it is of course important to keep your card clean and store it safely. This way it lasts much longer and prevents your card from being damaged.

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